Dioptase Ring A - Sterling Silver Size 9

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Dioptase works with the Heart Chakra and is a powerful healer and opener for the higher heart.  Dioptase opens and helps all chakras to function better and aids with spiritual attunement and accessing the highest levels of conciousness. Dioptase promotes living in the present moment and helps generate a positive life attitude, resourcefulness and helps transmute negative energy into positive. Dioptase helps to overcome feelings of "lack", assisting with experiencing abundance.  This crystal helps with direction for the next step in your life and helps you to fulfill your highest potential; a mental cleaner and detoxifier that also assists with codependecy and/or the need to control. Dioptase helps us with mirroring relationships for self discovery and growth and can heal the void in the heart that makes us desperate for love bringing in a new, higher vibration of love, and lets go of unhealthy and old understandings of love.  Dioptase is considered a bridge to emotional healing, it's green rays reach deep into the heart to dig out festering wounds and old hurts to heal them. Good stone when working with the inner child as it dissipates grief, betrayal, sorrow and feelings of abandonment.

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