Grape Agate Wire Reeled Pendant

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Grape Agate is also known as Indonesian Purple Chalcedony or Batu Manakarra or Manakarra Agate. It is not an actual agate, it is a type of Chalcedony. It is a rare stone, only found in one region of Indonesia. It links the crown and third eye chakras. It activate your psychic and/or intuitive abilities. It is a crystal that helps greatly with understanding your dreams (sleep), and discerning the meaning of your dreams. It is recommended that you sleep with this crystal next to your bed, so that you will start to understand the meaning of your dreams better, and discern their meaning. It will also help you grow and raise your frequency through the things that you learn from your dreams. This stone links the dream world and real world. Grape agate assists with taking your meditations to a deeper level. It heightens your own frequency and helps to connect you with your higher self. It is the perfect stone for mediums, psychics, channelers, RMT's, Reiki practitioners and energy healers.

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