Green Obsidian Chakra Pendulum

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Green Obsidian / Gaia Stone Chakra Pendulum.
A pendulum is one of the best and easiest tools for developing intuitive gifts and skills. It is a weighted object that hangs from string or cord. It is a tool of divination and is used for spiritual guidance, making decisions, answering questions, and cleansing negative energy.
Green obsidian is a daily, gentle reminder that nature is holding us in its care in a very careful way. A reminder that everything we need in order to make it through life will eventually manifest in whatever form it needs to.
If there are any blockages on the path of your spiritual journey, they will be done away with in record time when green obsidian is near. More than this, the stone will perform exactly as black obsidian would, and physically protect you from negative energy that is seeking to hold you back.

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