Golden Healer Faceted Pendulum

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A pendulum is one of the best and easiest tools for developing intuitive gifts and skills. It is a weighted object that hangs from string or cord. It is a tool of divination and is used for spiritual guidance, making decisions, answering questions, and cleansing negative energy.
Golden (yellow) healer quartz is an incredibly powerful crystal for self-healing, aiding intuition and spirituality. The beautiful golden color is granted to this quartz by inclusions of golden hematite, making it a powerful grounding stone.

As a stone for healing, yellow healer quartz draws in the highest spiritual energy enabling you to see through the shadows of your light. It can help you to accept and integrate your shadow-self, gifting a powerful spiritual healing experience. As you heal, you will begin to feel more joyful regardless of the stresses you may be going through.

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