Moldavite Ring Sterling Silver Size 4

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Sterling Silver 925 Ring Size 4 Moldavite *ring will vary slightly - we have rings size 4-10 in picture*

Moldavite is an extremely rare crystal, found only one region of Czechoslovakia and is named for the area in which it is found, near the Moldau River. It is technically a tektite - formed from interplanetary collisions. It is a combination of earth matter, space matter, and radioactive matter.
This stone becomes more and more rare with each passing month, as its source is very finite. Moldavite is good for counteracting cynicism and connects even the most world-weary adult with the wonders of the Universe. It eases away doubts, even when the cause is unknown, and calms worries about money by providing solutions not previously considered. Carrying or wearing Moldavite in jewelry allows its energies to remain in one's vibrational field throughout the day strengthening its effects and increasing the incidents of beneficial synchronicities in daily life. Due to Moldavite's intense vibration, some may experience light-headedness or a lack of grounding and may need to acclimate themselves gradually to wearing it. Moldavite is a useful crystal for star children and sensitive souls who find it difficult being in incarnation on earth and who cannot adjust to suffering and deep emotions. Placed on the heart, Moldavite uncovers the reasons and purpose for why one is here and eases the 'homesickness' for those whose origin is not Earth. Moldavite works extremely well in combination with other stones, particularly with the crystalline energies of Quartz varieties. It is one of the Synergy Twelve stones and is ideal for use in making energy tools. Add to wands, headbands and templates, grids and other devices to intensify their effects. Moldavite is a powerful aid for meditation and dream work as well as increasing one's sensitivity to guidance, intuition and telepathy and the ability to understand messages sent from higher realms.
Moldavite is an excellent crystal to use for magnified and quick ascension and acceleration on one's healing path. It can speed up processing the information, emotions and forward movement on the healing journey.




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