Obsidian Titatium Aura Generators / Points 3 - 3.25"

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3" - 3.25 inches in height.
Black Obsidian Titanium Aura is an All-Chakras crystal, with an emphasis on the root chakra. We could coin this crystal "Negativity Be Gone". It will bring negative situations fully into the light and surround them with positive energy. It brings a more peaceful energy to the process of grieving. It will help bring awareness to the lesson found in negative or difficult situations. It is a higher vibrational protection and grounding stone. It can help bring a feeling of lightness and fun energy to projects that require a lot of our energy and time. It will help us to understand ourselves from a higher vibrational viewpoint with more compassion instead of self judgment.
*all aura crystals are created by bonding crystals with metals through a heat treatment process. In this case, with titanium.

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