Hag Stones in Fairy Stone

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These Hag Stones are very unique, in that they are actual Fairy Stones, which are found in Quebec, and described in full below.
Hag Stones are any type of stone with a natural whole within it. They are also known as Witch Stones, Fairy Stones and Holey Stones. These stones are mostly found in dry riverbeds or along the seashore, as the action of running or moving water causes the erosion that creates this unique appearance on the stone. These stones are considered sought after and valuable because they are believed to be powerful protective amulets. There is a common belief that magic cannot work on moving water, and since the holes in the hag stones are caused by natural moving water, the stones are believed to carry this elements influences.
Fairy Stones are a unique clay stone glacial concretion. They are known as "fairy stones", "mud babies" or "clay dogs". They were formed thousands of years ago - made of fine sand and clay solidified by nature. They are unique to Northern Quebec on the bottom of big lakes with glacial origins. The Algonquin people called them "fairy stones" and carried them as good luck charms and kept them in their homes, as they were said to ward off bad spirits. These stones are said to adopt people rather than the other way around, and they become your 'little helper'. They are excellent for manifesting practical things for daily life, such as money, good health, jobs, relationships, things for in the home etc. They are used for protection against psychic attack. Fairy Stones are said to smooth the ascension process by staying connected to the Earth's center. It is a calming and soothing stone.

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