Moss Agate Crystal Skulls 2"

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Beautiful 2 inch Moss Agate Crystal Skulls. Crystal skulls bring us knowledge and help to unlock knowledge within ourselves - they are our teachers and friends.
Moss Agate is a Heart Chakra stone. It is a stone of new beginnings and helps to see the beauty in all things in life. It is an abundance stone that attracts money, wealth, and prosperity. It also helps one to become successful in their endeavors. It is a stone of compatibility and attracts relationships, situations, circumstances etc. that are compatible and congenial to our needs and desires. This stone promotes healing, restoration, and strength. It helps with developing friendships and builds trust and hope. It is a stone that protects the Earth and helps those with sensitivity to environmental pollution. It assists with plants, helping to maintain their well being. It enhances creativity, and inspires new ideals. It builds confidence and relieves fear and stress, balancing emotions.

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