Motorcycles Moose & Magic: The Ride to Self Love by Tracey Rogers

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From the Back of the Book:

As she winds her way on her motorcycle through Northern Ontario, Canada, Tracey Rogers reflects on the most difficult periods of her life, courageously sharing how she overcame events that led her into the dark depths of self-loathing.

Rogers opens her life story like a wide-country road, revealing how she emerged from severe childhood trauma, and an incredible addiction odyssey through small towns in Canada, to big cities and beaches in the United States. This is the journey of Rogers' extraordinary life - a tale too unbelievable to be true, and yet, it is. As Rogers experiences people and places, she rises out of the darkness of her past and into the light of healing.

Motorcycles, Moose & Magic: The Ride to Self Love culminates with Rogers joining the Women Riders World Relay in Thunder Bay, Ontario, with dozens of kickass warriors on motorcycles, taking part in three days of the largest motorcycle relay in history.

Rogers is living proof that a life can change with curiosity, courage, faith, spirituality and self-love at the handlebars. Her life story is an inspiration to all those struggling with self-doubt and self-sabotage; to those searching for the courage to forgive and reinvent; and to those needing a how-to map of motivation to rewrite their self-love love story.

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