Shamanic Trance Dance CD by Bryon Metcalf

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A master drummer weaves shamanic rhythms with modern dance grooves for a mind-altering musical experience When indigenous shamans connect to the spirit world, they don�t always sit still during their journeywork�they dance and move with the spirits, and let their power animals dance through them. Today, ecstatic dancers and shamanic practitioners speak of being �transported� by music, carried away in body and soul to an expanded state of being. On Shamanic Trance Dance, world-class tribal drummer and shamanic practitioner Byron Metcalf masterfully blends the timeless indigenous sounds of drums, rattles, and didgeridoo with driving trance rhythms and contemporary tribal-electro grooves. The result is an organic and potent sound tapestry that impels you to move�freeing the mind, energizing the body, and opening your spirit to inspiration and transformation.
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